• "I have made 6 corporate moves and Betsy is hands down the best realtor I have worked with. She worked tirelessly to ensure I was paying a fair price and getting a quality property." Tricia B.
  • "This is a true team-both are strong realtors in their own right." -Lauren G.
  • "Both Bette and Betsy were awesome to work with.  Their knowledge and expertise in the field of real estate went a long way.  We'll definitely work with them again." S. Goodman & J. Luckett
  • "Betsy certainly goes above and beyond. Wouldn't use anyone else."  -Julia and Dan L.
  • "Bette and Betsy were both very personable and professional.  They were perceptive to my needs and wants and were also very knowledgable for a first time home buyer." Evan S.
  • "Working with Bette and Betsy put me totally at ease because I was totally confident in them."  -Evan S.
  • "Bette and Betsy represent you not only in making a smart howeowner decision but also in the negotiating process-your agents really are on your side."  -Meleah and Mark B.
  • "First class.  Betsy worked with us for a long time, so we got to know her well.  Her knowledge and professionalism were outstanding."  Julia and Dan L.
  • "Very efficient and professional.  They know what to do and I had a contract in 6 days!" -Penny S. 
  • "We enjoyed the experience of two professional agents who worked together to accomplish our mission." -Katie and Clark O.
  • "I have bought and sold 6 other properties and working with Bette and Betsy was by far the best sale/buy. Personally they are delightful to work with." -Heather C.
  • "Betsy worked very hard dealing with our very difficult buyer. The transaction would have fallen apart if not for her persistence." Carol H and David T.
  • "Awesome. No drama. Helpful every step of the way. Very professional and gave honest opinions." Elizabeth and Richard H.
  • "Bette and Betsy are easy to get in touch with and fast moving." -David M.
  • "The transaction went incredibly smoothly and I knew where I stood throughout the process." -Wendy R.
  • "Very professional. Incredibly knowledgable. We had worked with many Realtors and none of them compared to Bette and Betsy. They are fabulous. I would recommend them to everyone." -Jessica J.
  • "Betsy has a strong set of ethics and was excellent in providing her professional opinion at all the right moments. We love our home!" -Lauren G.
  • "Betsy rocks!" James B.
  • "Love the home warranty and help with subcontractors." -Sherwood T.
  • "Betsy's expertise in Old Town was invaluable.  It was very apparent why she and her mom have such a fantastic reputation."  -Tricia B.
  • "We were in the process of moving out of state and Bette and Betsy took care of everything for us regarding the closing. We didn't worry-they are so trustworthy." -Barbara and Ted K.
  • "Bette and Betsy are great in every way." - Shelley Y.
  • "Betsy was wonderful to work with. Very professional." -Coleen M.
  • "They really know the business and what they are doing. They came highly recommended-they exceeded our expectations." -Barbara and Ted K.
  • "Service above and beyond my expectations-highly recommend. Customized level of service to the needs of their clients. Excellent communication and very professional." -Gwen A.
  • "Bette and Betsy were very professional and made themselves available to me at the hours that worked best for me and through whichever form of communication I chose." -Wendy R.

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