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Clean and DeClutter

Before embarking on any major house repairs, first give your home a deep clean and declutter.  Think about what the first thing you would do if you were selling your car.  Answer:  get it detailed.  The same holds true for your house.  Declutter first, donating or throwing away items you no longer need.  Ideally, most horizontal surfaces will be bare or have minimal items on them (general rule of thumb is half of what you have now).  Organize closets and donate or discard unused items.  It is good preparation for moving and will help show off storage options in your home. Don’t forget the basement, attic and garage.  Once you have decluttered, it’s time for a good cleaning.  Bring in backup if you need to.  This is important.

HGTV has some wonderful tips on its website (and pictures too!) for getting your home market ready

Don’t forget the windows – Clean all of your windows inside and out (we recommend hiring a professional).  You want to let in as much sunshine as possible. Repair or replace any ripped, damaged or missing screens.

Eliminate all odors – If you have a pet, replace the litter box and make sure you clean it regularly.  Take the trash out daily.  If you smoke in your house, STOP immediately and contact us for tips to remove smoke odors.  Air fresheners simply mask odors. It is best to get rid of them permanently.