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Showing Your Home

Every time a prospective buyer comes to look at your home, it’s your opportunity to make your home shine.  Before a showing appointment we recommend you:

1. Clean.

Pay particular attention to the bathrooms and kitchen. Scrub baths, showers and sinks. Towels should be washed. Make sure all dishes are put away and counters are freshly cleaned.

2. Light and Bright.

Open window coverings, such as blinds, curtains, drapes and shutters, to let in maximum sunlight. Turn on lights.

3. Personal Items.

Ensure that medications, bills, credit card statements, checkbooks and personal financial items are out of sight. Also, make sure that valuables, such as jewelry, small electronics and money are hidden in a secure place.

4. Comfortable Temperature.

Make certain the house is a comfortable temperature.  Leave ceiling fans on low.

5. Pets.

Remove barking or aggressive pets from the house. If your pet must stay at home and could be a distraction to a buyer, confine the pet to a particular room and leave a note for the showing agent.

7. Leave.

It is best for you to be away from the house during a showing so that the potential buyers can look at the house at their own pace and talk openly.