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Getting the Most From Repairs

If you are considering a renovation in anticipating of selling your home, an analysis of whether the money you spend will increase the value of your home is essential.

Certain repairs will bring you a return on your investment. Others, regardless of cost, won’t add value at the time of sale.  While you want to be sure your home is as appealing to potential buyers as possible, you need to be careful not to spend money on renovations that won’t be valued in the marketplace.

In our experience, spending money refreshing or renovating kitchens and bathrooms is money well spent – however – only if you choose finishes or fixtures that buyers value.  On more than one occasion we have shown houses that had a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom with out of style tile or fixture finishes and had a client say they would want to redo it.  If you’d like advice regarding a remodel, please give us a call.  Visiting open houses in your neighborhood can also give you a good idea of what finishes and colors are popular in the marketplace. When you remodel in anticipation of selling your home, it is best to put your personal preferences aside and pick items that have broad appeal.