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Refresh Your Home

Sometimes it makes sense to a do significant renovation prior to putting a house on the market.  Sometimes all a room needs is a bit of refreshing to make it feel modern and new.  Just making small changes in a room can give the room an entirely new feel.


  • Removing wallpaper and painting
  • Whitening grout in bathrooms
  • Reglazing (pink, yellow, blue, green) tile a modern white
  • Reglazing a stained/chipped bathtub
  • Replacing faucets/lighting in bathrooms
  • Exchanging dim light bulbs for higher wattage bulbs
  • Replacing cabinet pulls in the kitchen and bathroom

Neutral Colors – Neutral colors have the most appeal to potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint is almost always recommended, especially if your house is painted in a personalized palette. Pick a neutral color that will pop with white trim.

Wall to wall carpet – Do you have hardwood floors hiding under carpet? If so, consider removing the carpet and having the floors refinished. Most buyers prefer hardwood floors to carpet especially in high traffic areas. If you don’t want to remove the carpet and it is stained, consider having it professionally steam-cleaned.  If it is bunched or loose in places, consider having it stretched.  If you replace the carpet, remember neutral colors are best. When replacing carpet, don’t forget a good, thick pad can make world of difference in how luxurious a carpet feels.