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The Inaugural Blog Post


Welcome to the Amazing Alexandria Blog.  We hope to have a regular feature “What I Have Learned Wednesdays” and then a post or two throughout the week.   In the world of real estate, every day is different, so there is always something interesting to share.

One a-ha moment I had in law school was when the professor declared that every piece of real property is unique in the eyes of the law.  This made sense to me on a practical level.  Two townhomes that have identical floor plans and finishes and that are located next door to each other are not identical. There may be differences in the view, grade of the yard, location of utility wires/county easements, etc.  Builders recognize this by charging different prices for lots within a new subdivision and buyers recognize this when they visit several houses in a subdivision and find they have a strong preference for one over the others.  When a buyer decides to write an offer on property, it is a signal that the uniqueness of the property has touched them in a subconscious way.

As you go out to look for your perfect home (or look to sell your unique home), we hope this blog and website provides helpful information to you.


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