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The Most Glorious Time of Year



Spring, the most glorious time of year! I love that the weather turns warmer, outside events populate our calendars, everyone’s mood lifts, the real estate market heats up and, it’s Spring Clean Up in the City of Alexandria! What’s Spring Clean Up you ask?  It is the day the City expands the refuse program and picks up unusable items, including items not usually permitted. Of course, it’s always best to donate or recycle as much as possible, but sometimes there are items that have to go to the landfill.  This is your opportunity to get rid of them without calling for a special bulk pick up or paying someone a disposal fee.


Even though the rules regarding permitted items are loosened on Spring Clean Up Day, the follow items remain impermissible:

Yard Waste
Improperly prepared paints
Hazardous Materials
Unbundled brush or loose yard waste
Incorrectly prepared sharp items
Building materials (such as drywall, shingles and lumber)

You don’t have to be preparing your home for sale to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to clean out the basement or attic and rid yourself of extraneous items weighing you down.

Consult the schedule and map to determine when your neighborhood pick up will be. The City is divided into 4 quadrants and spring clean up happens on four sequential Saturdays, starting April 14 in Old Town and Del Ray.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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